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The following vendors I have listed are a quick link page to help HAMs in their search for equipment and pricing. I have NOT used all these vendors. YOU must choose a vendor for yourself and only YOU can be responsible for your dealings with them. YOU may have different results than I did and I different than you. That is life!



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Vendors of Amateur Radio equipment in general

They have a great selection, seem a bit pricey, shop around first.
Antenna, switches, etc. for all you HAM radio needs.
HRO has a good selection, web site is difficult to use, prices are good and delivery has been fast.
General supplier of HAM equipment.
Good selection, I have found things here I have not been able to find elsewhere, but they have not been good to return phone calls, maybe they were that busy.
Good selection of meters, switches, antennas, etc.
Good selection of HAM stuff, good pricing.
Good selection of HAM equipment in general, seems a bit pricey, shop around.
General supplier of HAM equipment.
Excellent online catalog, good pictures and information. Pricing is good, call and order, ASK if it is in stock, watch for backordering.
Good selection of books and book/software combinations for studying for various licensing. Good preparation material in various formats.




Antennas only

Anttron Antenna (K&E Electronics in Okla. City, OK)
New-tronics (Hustler antennas)





APRS & Mapping

Order you copy of Precision Mapping from them to use with UI-View for dot watching of APRS movement on your computer.
These are small units that work with your 2 meter radion and GPS to help others track your movement. Great for emergency service, storm spotters, etc.




Batteries only

Need a battery, they probably have it. Pricing is reasonable, service seemed good.





Manuals, etc.

Good selection of old and even no longer available manuals for radios and test equipment.





Microphones, Headsets, Speakers, etc. only

Quality microphones, headphones, speakers, etc. You pay for quality.





Morse Code Training (JUST in CASE!)

Morse Code trainer on your computer on your own time.
Want to learn Morse Code to a rhythmic sound, this may be the CD for you. Several tracks to learn from.





Radios only

ICom corporate page, general information, no pricing.
Kenwood USA corporate page, general information, no pricing.
Yaesu corporate page, general information, no pricing.














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