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This will be my photo page index or menu page and may even contain photos itself. Most photos are expected to be of storms, chasers, equipment, etc.



Storm Chasers


My Tower Project

Before viewing the photos of the satellite system we took down, moved and combined a couple of towers, please note I owe a great debt of appreciation to Harold Anderson, K5VHF, a neighbor and wonderful HAM. Harold volunteered to take down a tower and satellite antenna system at former HAM's house, Ashley Cagle, who graciously donated to me his complete station being assured it would get good use. Harold then came over,helped dig the hole for the cement, put up the bottom section on a short section in cement and a week later came back to put up the rest of the tower. Later we will add antennas as radios are repaired and put into place. The complete station, VHF/UHF/HF/MARS/Packet, etc. are all finally coming together. Thank you so very much Harold,you are greatly appreciated.

Now. . . .

the photos.


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